Why choose a World of Tanks silver boosting service for silver?

In WoT boosting is extremely common as it is a highly competitive game. War Gaming has been focusing on new tanks that cannot be penned by gold ammo, and games are becoming faster. It makes less sense to fire anything but gold now. There are a few reasons to use standard rounds. Such as farming for silver itself. We will offer multiple wn8 packages for farming slivers. This can boost or maintain your wn8 so you can hop on and enjoy the game how you want to play it.

Can you make silver while farming gold ammo?

On tier 8 tanks, most tanks you can make silver while firing gold ammo, but there are more effective ways to farm silver. Farming silver using standard rounds, standard consumables, and running silver boosters is best. 

What are some excellent heavy tanks to farm silver with?

Our favorite heavy tanks to farm silver are Skoda T 56, Object 703 Version II, M54 Renegade, 50TP prototyp, and Object 252U defender. These tanks in World of Tanks are listed as T8 prem, but they are effectively tier 8.5 and can easily pen most tier 9s without gold ammo. This makes them ideal for farming silver. We provide Wn8 with 3000+ with these tanks while farming your silver. 

What are some excellent medium tanks to farm silver with?

Medium tanks are great at this, too, because of their fast movement around the map and ability to respond to many different situations. Progetto M35 Mod. 46 is the king of this, primarily due to the ability to pen most tanks with ease with its standard rounds, high mobility, and superb gun handling. Unlike the Bat.Chatillion Bourrasque has poor standard rounds. These are both excellent tanks, but mobility is king in the world of tanks. The M47 Patton Improved is also decent but does not stand above the rest as it is slow, with good armor and okay standard rounds. 

What are some Tank destroyers to farm silver with?

TD has many good options that are reasonably on sale in the store premium store for the world of tanks. Skorpion and SU-130PM are both really good options. Skorpion has 360-degree turret rotation, where the 130PM has a limited range of the turret. It gets a better camo rating, though. They both have extremely deadly guns with good gun handling and good mobility. This is important in the current meta. The Strv S1 also has good mobility and a good gun for farming silver but has the downside of needing to set up to start shooting. This allows the tank to be flanked near the end of the match. All of these tanks lack armor and can be penned with HE. Understanding camouflage mechanics, spotting mechanics, and map positions are critical for these tanks. Like any tank, map awareness is also needed. The TS-5 is good on some maps but lacks mobility, but it still has a good gun for farming. The Shptk-TVP 100 is also good at farming but not the top dog. Standard rounds with a pen of 270 can go through most T9 weak spots with ease. 

Are silver boosters the best way to farm silver? 

They are significant but should be one of many things considered when farming silver in WoT. Being able to spot your own targets. This is because you get a reduced silver if you cannot see your target yourself. You split experience and silver between yourself and the person spotting for you. So being to spot your own targets is good with a good view range, but so is keeping all the rewards for yourself. Platooning with teammates also helps with experience and silver farming. If you have a decent teammate, this can also help with your win rate, increasing the amount of silver you earn. A win always yields more than a loss. 

But why choose us for your World of Tanks silver farm provider?

 We promise to provide some of the fastest services in the industry. We won’t be using your bond-based boosters to meet your wn8 requirements. Bonds are some of the hardest currents to get in the game. It is important for many end-game aspects of the game. We have pro farmers with years of experience in the WoT boosting industry. Don’t trust some of the farmers that have a large crew with many different low skilled farmers that sometimes use bond equipment to maintain wn8 requirements. 

Where do we provide boosting services?

We provide boosting services ranging from sliver farming, EXP grinding, missions, and clan wars on North America (NA), Europen Union (EU), and Russian (RU) servers for World of Tanks. We also can use proxies upon request. We have never had an issue with an account ban. We do not use addons, so you do not risk any bans due to hack mods. This is something to consider when picking a boosting service. If you ever choose to use a boosting service that uses a bot or hack mods for the game. You are putting your account at risk of being banned.